Racist and Discriminatory Incidents

During the Covid-19 global pandemic, we must be strong and band together to battle the virus as well as fear and hopelessness.  This is a human crisis and we will persevere by working together. This is not a time for racism, discrimination, and prejudice.

We have noticed that there is a rise in anti-Asian sentiments, misinformation, xenophobia, racism and the stigmatization of the Asian communities due to the virus.   

We would like to know if you have experienced incidents such as shunning, bullying, harassment, or violence during the Covid-19 outbreak in Manitoba.

If you would like to share your experience with our organization, please do so below.

(you can be anonymous if you wish)

Thank you for sharing your experience.

Sharing our experiences will help us through this difficult time in our lives.  Sharing will show that such incidents exist and that we are not afraid.

With people reporting incidents, we may be able to gather data to bring it to the appropriate authorities so that we may affect change. We may also be using the incidents reported to educate and bring these issues to light so that we might fight against racism and discrimination. 

Please note that we will be using and sharing all disaggregate data collected through this questionnaire for educational purposes.