Asian Film Night

May 17, 2019 @ 6:30 pm โ€“ 9:30 pm
Japanese Cultural Association of Manitoba
180 McPhillips St
MB R3E 2J9

Showcasing Asian Manitobans in the film industry. Directors & Actors of the films will be in attendance to present their films.

Donations appreciated.

Film lineup:

KUYA (2019)
Directed and Presented By Anthony Javier
In a city of violence: Two brothers, one chose the life of crime supplying the city’s gangs with weapons and the other chose justice as an officer of the law. When a weapons deal goes south for Tony he quickly takes action and finds who is responsible for snitching to the police, thus uniting the two brothers face to face.

Caring for Lola (2019)
Directed and Presented By Fernando Dalayoan
An ailing Filipino grandmother (Lola) realizes it is time to depart from the care of her loving family.

Red Velvet ( 2018)
Directed and Presented By Vincent Tang
A family who is broken by the murder of their young daughter. When the accused murderer is acquitted, the fatherโ€™s obsession for retribution threatens to break apart his own family.

Hometown on the Cloud (2017)
Starring and Presented by Chelsey Mark
Award winning 2018 China film, Hometown on the Cloud. Feature film of a story taking place in one of the most beautiful places in Lijiang, China.

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