Who We Are

The Asian Heritage Society of Manitoba is comprised of talented and dedicated individuals who help make Asian Heritage Month a success each year. In Manitoba our Asian Heritage Society consists of representatives from the Japanese, Chinese, Indian, Sri Lankan, Vietnamese, Indo-Chinese, Korean, Filipino, Syrian, Singaporean and Malaysian organizations.

2024 Executive Board

  • President: Fortunato Lim
  • Vice President: Julie Javier
  • Treasurer: Wendy Duong
  • Past President: Yenny Trinh

Board Members

    • Rod Cantiveros
    • Jennifer Chen
    • Jennifer Chieh Klug
    • Maysoun Darweesh
    • Bao Duong
    • Jackson Duong
    • Dr. Yoon Kim
    • Andrea Kitano
    • Dr. Art Miki
    • Dr. Muni Mysore
    • Pamela Rebello
    • Sharan Tappia
    • Jié Yang

Our Goals

  • To bring together members of the Asian Canadian communities in Manitoba to participate in projects to celebrate Asian Heritage Month.
  • To acknowledge the contributions of Asian Canadians to Canadian society through the arts, culture and heritage.
  • To share the Asian Canadian arts, culture, cuisine, faiths and traditions with Manitobans.
  • To develop cultural identity among Canadian Asian youths through the generations.
  • To forge a working partnership between all Asian cultures in Manitoba.
  • To foster understanding and appreciation of Asian culture within the Canadian mosaic.

Expected Outcomes

  • Continue networking, communications and collaboration amongst the Asian Canadian groups as established last year by undertaking collective community projects
  • Increase public awareness of the Asian Canadian cultures through food, education, music, dance and writings
  • Highlight to the Canadian public the contributions made to Canada by Asian Canadians
  • Develop partnerships with mainstream Canadian businesses to host the events
  • Increase the involvement of Asian Canadian youth in the activities
  • Share knowledge of Asian medicinal and meditative traditions that have become part of the Canadian milieu
  • Reduce racism towards Asian Canadians through awareness, understanding and appreciation of the contributions made to Canadian society

Our Logo

The “A” and “H” are the initials for Asian Heritage and are intertwined to represent the working together of the Asian communities in Canada as signified by the red maple leaf.

The symbolized globe indicated that Asian heritage exists throughout the world.